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CTA Construction Saturday, August 16 and Sunday, August 17

  • Posted on: 16 August 2014
  • By: Tony

Just in case you are taking the CTA to the show this weekend, we wanted to give you a heads up that there's brown line construction this weekend.

Saturday, August 16 and Sunday, August 17, shuttle buses replace rail service between Western and Kimball. Trains will operate between the Western station and the Loop only. Shuttle buses will make stops at the Western and Kimball stations, and the #81 Lawrence bus stops on Lawrence at Rockwell, Sacramento, and Kedzie.

More details here:

Please allow extra travel time getting to the show if you're taking the brown line train.

The War Zone is My Bed Trailer

  • Posted on: 13 July 2014
  • By: Tony

The trailer was written and directed by artist-in-residence Ted James, and features company members Laura Stephenson and Fin Coe.

The War Zone is My Bed
By Yasmine Beverly Rana
Directed by Dani Snyder-Young

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 6pm.
August 14 through September  7, 2014
At Christ Lutheran Church, 4541 N Spaulding Ave. in Chicago

In 1994 Sarajevo, in a bedroom brimming with bullet holes, Dahlia and Peter have a whirlwind romance. A famous writer reporting on the Bosnian War, he leaves her to return to his wife. In 2001 Kabul, in a bedroom with blacked out windows, an Afghan prostitute is having affair with a member of the Taliban religious police. Dahlia’s book about Leila, Ash and the aftermath of their affair in Kabul makes her a famous writer in her own right. On her book tour, struggling with how we all profit from telling stories of war from a safe distance, Dahlia and Peter meet again.

Find out more about the show at

Introducing Alcyone 13

  • Posted on: 31 July 2013
  • By: Tony

We’re gearing up for the Alcyone Festival again. This year is a little later in the year than last. It’ll open September 7th, instead of in mid-summer as we normally do.

I’m pretty excited to say we’ll be performing this year’s festival in Albany Park, which has been our home base for a while now, even though we’ve been doing most of our public performances in other parts of the city. With the new location, we took a little more time for planning.

Performances will be at Christ Lutheran Church, where we’ve been rehearsing for the past two years.  I also love that it’s where Albany Park Theatre Project started. They’re one of my favorite arts organizations in the country, so I’m happy to be performing where they began.

In addition to the new performance location, we’ve also made a lot of internal changes. Our organizational model is completely different, we’ve added awesome company members and the artists-in-residence program and  a lot of really exciting new programming that’s about to go out of the lab and into the world in the next year.

So with all that, it seemed a natural fit to have this year’s theme for the Alcyone festival be “A New Dawn, A New Day.”

This year’s lineup includes a pretty great mix of plays, from classical farce to new plays being developed in the festival.

The full lineup includes:

  • The Emperor of the Moon by Aphra Behn, directed by Jennifer Adams
  • Heart  Shaped Nebula by Marisela Treviño Orta, directed by Juan Castañeda
  • One Week in Spring by Kristiana Colón, directed by Tara Branham
  • The First Woman by Nambi E. Kelley, directed by Alexander St. John
  • MAY 39th by Callie Kimball, directed by Rinska Carrasco-Prestinary

For me it’s also a great mix of people we’ve worked with for a long time, people we’ve wanted to work with for a long time and great artists we’ve meeting for the first time.

As we get closer to the festival, each of the plays and their processes will be talked about more here, but I’m really excited to be able to share these with you.


Things We Love: Mud Brick Spiral by Elín Hansdóttir

  • Posted on: 5 September 2012
  • By: Tony


Exterior installation made from traditional Berber mudbricks (earth, water & hay) in the village of Tassoultante, 14 km from Marrakech City. The structure was realised in collaboration with 8 local masons and craftsmen as well as Dar Al-Ma’mûn artist residency.

More pics here. Images from the making of the installation here.

(via VVORK)

Things We Love: Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library

  • Posted on: 4 September 2012
  • By: Tony

There are thousands of abandoned big box stores sitting empty all over America, including hundreds of former Walmart stores. With each store taking up enough space for 2.5 football fields, Walmart’s use of more than 698 million square feet of land in the U.S. is one of its biggest environmental impacts. But at least one of those buildings has been transformed into something arguably much more useful: the nation’s largest library.

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