The Ceyx Series

returns on Friday, November 7, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

We’ve been lucky to meet thousands of fascinating people in our audiences and we’ve been able to work with hundreds of amazing artists. Because our audience, our artists and our work are so diverse we’ve been able to learn about and see an incredible array of different performance disciplines and traditions.

We wanted to find a way to share the awesome. So we created The Ceyx Series. 

No-Cost access for any audience member

As the lights go down, there is an empty chair. A group of artists from across the world have gathered. They speak in old ways and new. Their journeys have taken many different paths, but they share a common purpose. The belief that something more is possible in our world. As the lights come up, there is a chair filled with possibility. We are saving it for you.

There are two paths you can take to reach your chair—One is First Come, First Serve free admission; We are holding a number of seats for first come, first serve free entrance to the performance. Seating begins 30 minutes before showtime. Audience members who want guaranteed entry can do so for a $20 fee paid in advance online.